Parking Meter Rate Changes for COVID-19

In response to the changes in parking patterns, parking rates within LA Express Park have been reduced in many areas. Parking meters remain enforced to reduce congestion and improve parking availability for local businesses. Restaurants offering takeout and delivery can still apply for a Temporary Food Pick-Up Zone here at no charge.

The average rates in Westwood decreased from $1.65 to $1.25. The average rates in Venice decreased from $1.52 to $1.12. The average rates in Hollywood decreased from $1.76 to $1.29. The average rates in Downtown LA decreased from $2.12 to $1.69. The metered spaces with new rates effective April 20th, 2020 are shown in the diagrams below.

Many parking meters in these areas utilize different hourly rates matching the parking demand during separate time intervals. All parking meter and pay station screens will display the applicable rate and the maximum session time allowed depending on the time-of-day. Please follow posted signage for current time limits and parking restrictions. Meters and pay stations will be equipped to calculate the applicable rates for you if your parking period spans different rate periods.

Pay by App Parking

If you need to park, but would like to avoid touching the meter, look out for stickers such as this one showing which app can be used to pay for your parking session. Only meters with a Parkmobile or Parksmarter sticker can accept payment at this time.

For more information on parking during these uncertain times, head to our Parking during COVID-19 page. Stay safe and healthy.