1. How do you use these smart meters?

  2. What is the purpose of the LA Express Park™ program?

  3. Where is the program area?

  4. Will parking fines change as a result of LA Express Park™?

  5. How will LADOT decide when meter rates should change?

  6. What if you are parking at a metered spot prior to enforcement hours?

  7. Will the parking time limits change?

  8. Will LADOT put meters in areas that do not have meters today as a result?

  9. Will the hours of operation for parking be extended?

  10. Can I park in a space with a broken meter?

  11. What smartphone applications are used in the program and how do they work?

  12. Do smartphone apps advocate texting and driving?

  13. How will LA Express Park™ benefit people who can’t afford smart phones or credit cards?

  14. Is the LA Express Park™ project just another excuse for the City to raise more revenue?

  15. Has any other City ever done anything like this?

  16. How successful has the program been to date?

  17. Now that LA Express Park™ has proven to be successful, what’s next for parking in LA?