LA City Open Data

Information, Insights, and analysis from the City of Los Angeles

As part of the LA City movement to increase transparency with the public, the raw data collected and used for operations is available for public use. To see data that is provided by the LA Express Park team, see below.

Please Note: As this is the raw data collected, some data files may be too large to be processed online and may require advanced data access methods.

LA Express Park Project Area

Project Area Map

Current and upcoming neighborhoods of the LA Express Park Project.
Updated as new project areas come online.

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Parking Meter Occupancy

Live Feed

The last known occupancy state of City of Los Angeles Parking Meters equipped with occupancy detector sensors. Updated in real-time, as available.


Monthly archive of all parking meter sensor activity. Updated monthly for data two months prior (eg. January data will be published early March).

This dataset is extremely large. Each CSV file varies in size from 300-600MB. Microsoft Excel will open the file but will truncate all records beyond its capacity. 

For best results, import into a database or use advanced data access methods appropriate for processing large files.

Metered Parking

Calendar Sign Locations

Citywide locations with new calendar-style parking signs installed or coming soon. Updated as needed.

Inventory & Policies

Inventory of all on-street metered parking spaces in the City of Los Angeles. Includes Space/Meter ID, block-level address, hourly rate, metered time limit, meter operating hours, enforced parking restrictions, and coordinates. Updated as operationally feasible.

PLEASE NOTE: Operational changes on the street may create discrepancies between data and posted parking signs. Posted signs determine enforced parking policies.

To access all data provided by the city, please visit