Parking in LA is About to Get Easier!

Think of the last time you parked downtown…

Are you reminded of circling the block endlessly, looking for a spot that never seemed to materialize? This kind of “cruising” is not only frustrating, but also increases congestion, not to mention the excessive fuel consumption, emissions and disruption of other services like buses, fire trucks and ambulances.

Put those thoughts out of your mind. Beginning May 21, 2012, Los Angeles introduced LA Express Park, a new service that uses real-time technology to make parking in LA fast, easy and smart.

Find Parking More Quickly
Find a parking space by downloading one of the supported apps to your smartphone, look for an LA Express Park message sign with this logo, or go online at

Rates Change Based Upon Demand
By changing the price of parking based upon demand, more
parking spaces become open and reduce cruising.

Know Your Alternatives
There are lots of alternatives to get around downtown like DASH Downtown and Metro Rail.

Stay In Touch
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