LA Express Park – Venice

LA Express Park – Now in Westwood

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is an innovator in applying technology to improve the parking experience for the public in the City of Los Angeles.  In 2012, LADOT launched the award winning LA Express Park™ intelligent parking management system in downtown Los Angeles with the intent to increase parking availability, reduce traffic congestion and pollution, and encourage a shift in travel choices.  LA Express Park™ demonstrated how intelligent parking management could improve the utilization of the curb at metered spaces through demand based pricing by encouraging the use of low demand parking spaces and increasing parking turnover in high demand parking spaces.  The increase in parking turnover resulted in greater access for customers and more business for the local merchants.

By introducing parking sensors and dynamic time-of-day parking rates based on the market demand of each unique block, LADOT successfully reduced traffic congestion by minimizing the amount of time a person circles around searching for a place to park.  LA Express Park™ provides drivers with parking guidance to available parking with 3rd party apps, Metro’s 511 system, the internet, and dynamic message signs.

Based on the success of this pilot project, LADOT expanded LA Express Park™ to Westwood Village and Hollywood.  LADOT is now expanding the program to the Venice area, including the existing parking metered lots along Pacific Avenue and new meter installations proposed for Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Based on the demand trends, we established different rates for two periods of the day: 8AM to 10AM and 10AM until 6PM. On average, the rates will go down in the morning and will go up for the rest of the day. The previous overall hourly rate in Venice area was $1.69 per hour. With the rate change, this increased by $0.30 to $1.99 per hour. For the morning, the average rate decreased from $1.70 to $1.44 per hour. For the rest of the day, the average rate increased from $1.69 to $2.13 per hour. These new rates went into effect on July 22nd, 2019.  Parking meters with time-of-day rates have different hourly rates matching the parking demand during each time interval. All parking meter and pay station screens display the current rate and the maximum time allowed for parking for every meter space depending on the time-of-day. Meters and pay stations are equipped to calculate the applicable rates for you if your parking period spans different rate periods.



Abbot Kinney Project

Eleventh District Councilmember Mike Bonin and the Abbot Kinney Merchants Association requested LADOT to review the parking policies for Abbot Kinney Boulevard.  The Councilmember and the Merchants Association desire to introduce parking meters to make the curb more attainable and accessible for the public to increase parking turnover in the area and encourage more visitors to their shops.  In response to this request, LADOT developed a plan to install parking meters on Abbot Kinney and along commercial frontage on all the intersecting streets.

LADOT’s proposal for Abbot Kinney includes the installation of 196 on-street metered spaces to improve access to the businesses in the area throughout the day.  Other elements of the project include the installation of 7 accessible parking spaces for individuals with disabilities, 18 motorcycle specific stalls to support visitors travelling by motorcycle, and 9 on-street dockless device corrals for e-scooters and e-bikes to reduce clutter on the sidewalks.  Parking rates at metered motorcycle spaces will be half the rate compared to automobiles metered spaces.  Time limits will be the same at both motorcycle and automobile metered spaces.  LADOT is considering the relocation of three existing passenger loading zone spaces and one existing commercial loading zone space.  The existing bicycle corrals and bikeshare stations will remain in place.  LADOT, in agreement with Council District 11 and the Abbot Kinney Merchants Association, proposes to implement a 2-hour parking time limit every day from 8AM-8PM to encourage parking turnover.

The following is a map that highlights the project’s impacted blocks:

Below are examples of what the new micro-transit and motorcycle parking may look like:

©Google Map; 500 Block of Jefferson Street, San Francisco
©Santa Monica Daily Press, ‘City establishes street parking for scooters’ by Madeleine Pauker



The City of Los Angeles will offer a pay-by-cell payment option via the ParkSmarterTM app for motorists that park along the Abbot Kinney Boulevard corridor.  This method of payment provides a convenient and effortless experience for drivers.  The ParkSmarterTM  app does not charge a convenience fee and provides users with the following:

  • Ability to initiate a parking session by providing payment thru the app
  • Ability to receive a reminder message when a parking session is about to expire
  • Ability to extend a parking session up to the posted time limit without the need to return to the meter
  • Directions to open parking spaces based on the user’s destination
  • Ability to register multiple vehicles and payment cards per account

Off-Street Parking Facilities

LADOT operates four parking lots located behind the businesses along the north side of Abbot Kinney Boulevard.  Two of the lots currently have parking meters.  As part of this project, LADOT will install parking meters at the other two lots. 

Community Open House

A community open house will take place on Wednesday, January 9, 2020 from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Westminster Avenue Elementary School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291.  Representatives from Council District 11 and LADOT will be on-hand to discuss the project and answer questions.  Please see the flyer below for additional information.

Details on the Abbot Kinney project are subject to change. Please check back for more updates in the near future.

Abbot Kinney Open House Flyer