Westwood Village Express Park Rate Changes April 4th, 2016

In November 2015 LADOT expanded the downtown Los Angeles Express Park program to Westwood Village. Just like in downtown LA, wireless sensors track street parking activity around the clock. Using these data, parking meter rates will be adjusted on the first Monday of April 2016 to better match the price of parking to the demand on each block and each side of the street. The overall goal of the LA Express Park™ program is to improve parking availability and reduce the time spent hunting for parking in order to cut down on traffic congestion and pollution in Westwood Village.

Of 462 spaces in the Westwood Village area, the average price will increase at 68% of spaces and stay the same at the remaining 32%. To better fit demand patterns, seven blocks will switch from Fixed to Time of Day rates. With this change, 39 of the 44 blocks in Westwood will have Time of Day rates. The average hourly rate for all meters will increase from $1.35 per hour to $1.56 per hour.

Parking meters with time-of-day rates have different hourly rates matching the parking demand in the morning, midday, evenings and weekends. The parking meter or pay station screen will show the current rates that apply on the day and times you are parking. And don’t worry; the meter will do the math for you if your parking spans different rate periods, so you will always know how much time you are buying.

Rate maps showing the hourly rates during each period can be downloaded from www.LAExpressPark.org.

On the website, you will also find a real-time parking map and links to smartphone apps that help you find current rates and open parking spaces and even let you pay for your meter remotely. Explore the website to learn more about the LA Express Park™ program and find out how you can “save time, park smarter” in Westwood Village.

WV April 2016 Average Rate Map

WV April 2016 TOD Rate Map

WV April 2016 TOD Rate Change Map