How Does it Work?

Parking Meter Technology

  • Pay stations serve multiple parking spaces on a single block
  • Single-space meters accept a variety of payment methods
  • Expanded payment options include debit/credit cards, coins and cell phone payment via apps
  • Parking rates depend upon parking demand, time of day and length of stay

Parking Guidance System

Changeable message sign

  • Changeable message signs display key information for available parking spaces at select locations
  • Drivers with cell phones can tap into the system to find spaces using voice-recognition software
  • Web-enabled applications for Smart Phones such as Blackberrys and iPhones access systemIPhone running Parker on dashboard

Vehicle Sensors

  • Sensors placed in parking spaces tabulate parking space occupancy and relate data to the parking management system
  • Occupancy data is integrated with meter data to support optimized rates, time limits and hours of operation
  • Information helps LADOT traffic officers set enforcement priorities to ensure compliance

Parking Management System

  • Stores all transaction and occupancy data
  • Performs advanced analysis to assist in setting parking rates, limits and hours of operation
  • Provides parking and meter data to LADOT staff to optimze operations

Parking Management Center

  • Currently operating in the City, it displays realtime information from LADOT’s parking pilot programs