LA Express Park Will Make Parking and Getting Around Downtown Los Angeles Easier

Yesterday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa unveiled a new program that will change the way people park in downtown Los Angeles. LA Express Park, a year long demonstration project, is a technologically advanced parking system that will notify motorists where parking is available by using in-ground sensors on city streets and lots. It will also introduce dynamic pricing to parking spots on city streets. Under this project, prices for parking will be based upon demand; when demand is high parking rates will increase and when it is low rates will drop. This will help keep traffic moving and take the hassle out of parking in what is Southern California’s largest generator of economic activity.

“Downtown is the heart and soul of Los Angeles, and has experienced significant growth over the last decade,” said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “LA Express Park’s dynamic system will make parking in Downtown easier, faster, and smarter for all Angelenos.”

“Downtown Los Angeles is one of the largest employers in the region. Coupled with its emerging reputation as the sports and entertainment hub of Los Angeles, it is the ideal location to launch the LA Express Park program. New meters, new technology, and flexible payment methods afford greater ease and convenience in parking and visiting our dynamic downtown,” said Councilwoman Perry.

Bill Rosendahl said “As Chair of the Transportation Committee, I have proudly supported bringing innovative parking management and congestion reduction strategies to the public,” said Councilmember Bill Rosendahl. “Hats off to LADOT for investing in smart technologies that brings real benefits to the public.”

The LA Express Park demonstration area involves only City of Los Angeles-owned parking spaces and facilities in a 4.5 square mile area in downtown. It will include approximately 6,000 high-tech parking meters that take debit and credit cards. LA Express Park is being developed in partnership with Caltrans and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority supported by $15 Million in grants from the Federal Highway Administration and $3.5 Million in matching City funds. For more information on LA Express Park and to use it, visit the project website.

Parking in Downtown LA is About to Get Easier!

Think of the last time you parked downtown…

Are you reminded of circling the block endlessly, looking for a spot that never seemed to materialize? This kind of “cruising” is not only frustrating, but also increases congestion, not to mention the excessive fuel consumption, emissions and disruption of other services like buses, fire trucks and ambulances.

Put those thoughts out of your mind. Beginning May 21, 2012, Downtown Los Angeles is introducing LA Express Park, a new service that uses real-time technology to make parking in LA fast, easy and smart.

Find Parking More Quickly
Find an open parking space by downloading one of our apps to your smartphone, look for an LA Express Park message sign with this logo, or go online at

Rates Change Based Upon Demand
By changing the price of parking based upon demand more
parking spaces become open and you will do less cruising.

Know Your Alternatives
There are lots of alternatives to get around downtown like DASH Downtown and Metro Rail.

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